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Frankenstein Island (Rifftrax Movie Night) [06/03]

What's more Quintessentially Queer than finding something better left forgotten in the detritus of American Culture -- a housekeeping short for 50's moms, a wanna-be Charlie's Angels disco heist from the 70's, a bewilderingly incompetent melodrama from the 00's -- and mocking it mercilessly? And who's better at mocking it than Rifftrax? Join Rob and XL Bears for monthly Rifftrax night -- first Monday of each month -- for two hours of pay-what-you-want fun!

Tonight's Cocktail: Mr. B Natural

Join us at Copious @ 7:30PM!

All Ages, Accessible

BodyPride Spa Day [06/23]

What a better way than to prepare for pride than to go relax at a spa?

This time, join us in the south at Palace Spa for some much needed pampering. $25 is the Spa's entrance fee and you can add extra services.

If this is your first time at a Korean Spa, we have guys who have been who can show you what to do and give you a primer for the different amenities this Korean spa has to offer.

Join us at Palace Spa @ 3PM!

21+, $

XL Bear Bust: Body Pride [06/23]

It's pride weekend all!

We're bringing back our annual blacklight body paint party at CC's! So let's show off we have pride in ourselves and our bodies! Wear as much or as little as you can (legally of course) and come celebrate with us! Bring some fun blacklight stuff (tape, markers, body paint, etc) to share if you can! If bringing body paint, make sure it's washable.


Join us at CC Attle's at 8PM!

21+, Bar

Happy Trails [07/06]

Let's find out what bears do in the woods! We'll carpool to the trailhead and hike down to the river to find a swimming hole and enjoy some nature and hopefully some sunshine.

Join us at Green River Gorge State Park @ 1PM!

All Ages

XL Bears Game Day [07/07]

First Sundays!
Join XL Bears at our favorite Gay owned and operated Coffee Shop for Board games chocolate, coffee and fun! Bring a game to share!

Join us at the Intrigue Chocolate & Coffeehouse @ 6PM!

All Ages, Accessible

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Lifelong and XL Bears Toy Drive!

We made our goal and made a lot of kids happy this holiday, thanks to all those who contributed to the toy drive, especially Southgate Roller Rink! We really appreciate your efforts!

We'll be doing this again this year, so please keep a look out!

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