Rifftrax Night Online: Manos: The Hands of Fate [05/27]

Someone mentioned, last time, that they'd never seen this movie. You'd think people would know better than to say things like that where I can hear them by now.

Produced, Written, Directed, and Starring a fertilizer salesman from El Paso with no experience whatsoever, and it sure shows. I have seen this movie so many times over the years, and I couldn't tell you what the plot is supposed to be. There's a married couple with a kid who wander around in the desert. There's a cult, maybe, and they might be undead, and there's whatever Torgo is. I don't know what ends up happening to any of those people.

This is big one. Worse than Frankenstein Island. Worse than Plan Nine. Worse than Birdemic. Are you ready for... THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE?!

Join XL Bears and experience...



This is an online event, and you'll need a server invite. Please check the Facebook event page or Telegram for the Discord invite link.

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Jackbox Games [05/30]

Since we still are unable to go to the bar, lets play some Jackbox this Saturday night! We'll start things off at 8pm. Please join us at the given discord server so you can see the streamed game and to chat with others. Also be sure to go to jackbox.tv to play the game.

We will drop the discord link and Jackbox room code on the Facebook event page and Telegram when we are about to begin.

Join us at 8PM on Discord!

XL Bear Bust: Show Us Your Pink [07/04]

Join XL Bears for a Midday hangout at The Seed & Supply site at TRC (Triangle Recreational Campground) Come on down and make a new friend, get some gossip, and enjoy the Wildreness the way Nature intended. The Perfect way to meet some new friends before a night of Forest Festivities!

The Seed & Supply Site strives to be a safe space. Our Space does not tolerate bigotry, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, as well as the disrespect of the rules of consent.

Join us at Triangle Recreation Camp @ 4PM!

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Lifelong and XL Bears Toy Drive!

Hey Bears! XL Bears is partnering again this year with Lifelong for a Toy Drive for this Holiday Season. The criteria is new toys appropriate for ages 2 - 12.

We have a few events coming up and we will be promoting this drive during the events.

If you cannot make it to any of our events, we also made a Lifelong Toy Drive Amazon Wishlist. Items there are examples for you to purchase, but also to give you an idea on what to donate.

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