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Star Wars Holiday Special Rifftrax Night [11/13]

It is whispered of in legend. It is shrouded in secrecy.

Broadcast ONCE and then never officially released, re-screened, or acknowledged in any way. Supposedly so bad that George Lucas himself wished to destroy every copy in existence. Celebrity guest stars, musical numbers... in Star Wars. Behold it for yourself, with a protective layer of Rifftrax to make it safe for human consumption. Not only with an educational short, but with all the network commercials from the original airing preserved intact.

Join us at Raygun Longue @ 7PM!


November Spa Day [11/24]

This time, join us in the North End at Q Spa in Lynnwood for some much needed pampering. $30 is the Spa's entrance fee and you can add extra services.

If this is your first time at a Korean Spa, we have guys who have been who can show you what to do and give you a primer for the different amenities this Korean spa has to offer.

Join us at Q Sauna & Spa @ 3PM!

XL Bear Bust: Spanksgiving IV- Spankathon [11/30]

Yes, we are now at year IV of Spanksgiving and just to make sure even though it is a US release we are not renumbering the event Spanskgiving 2 (gamer geek points to those who get it).

It's time to give spanks to those who are willing.

Feel free to bring your favorite spanking implements, but we will have some on hand for those who don't have one, because we like to share the joy.

Join us at CC Attle's @ 8PM!

21+, bar

XL Bears Game Day [12/01]

First Sundays!
Join XL Bears at our favorite Gay owned and operated Coffee Shop for Board games chocolate, coffee and fun! Bring a game to share!

Join us at the Intrigue Chocolate & Coffeehouse @ 5PM!

All Ages, Accessible

Rifftrax Night: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972) [12/11]

There are so, so, SO MANY bad Christmas movies.

Apparently produced for a budget of $3 mostly out pre-existing footage of a soon-to-be-defunct Florida amusement park, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny is a nightmare of farm animals, cheap costumes, and time-filling fairytale musical numbers. What better start to the holiday season could there be than joining XL Bears for a night of riffing a bad movie meant to keep the kids quiet while Seventies Mom wrestled a ham into the oven?

Join us at Raygun Longue @ 7PM!


Woodland Park Wildlights Walkies [12/21]

Join us at Woodland Park Zoo for walkies through the zoo. See the beautiful light fixtures and animals around the zoo!

This is an event with XL Bears and SEA-PAH friends! Tickets are $17.

See below for more info:

Join us at Woodland Park Zoo @ 5:30PM!

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Lifelong and XL Bears Toy Drive!

Hey Bears! XL Bears is partnering again this year with Lifelong for a Toy Drive for this Holiday Season. The criteria is new toys appropriate for ages 2 - 12.

We have a few events coming up and we will be promoting this drive during the events.

If you cannot make it to any of our events, we also made a Lifelong Toy Drive Amazon Wishlist. Items there are examples for you to purchase, but also to give you an idea on what to donate.

If you have questions feel free to contact us.

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