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Cannonball Tsunami Pool Party [08/09]

Ruggers and Bears in Speedos!

Quake is partnering with Seattle XL Bears for another Summer Pool Party, and you don’t want to miss it! Come take the plunge and cool off with some sexy rugby boys and bears enjoying West Seattle’s awesome outdoor, saltwater Colman Pool!

After-party to follow at the Lumberyard in West Seattle!

Advance tickets are $12.50, plus fees, on brown paper tickets! Tickets at the door are $17. Get them early, because they sell fast!

Join us at Colman Pool @ 7PM!

18+, $

Blackberry Picking [08/24]

Come join XL Bears in the Urban Wilderness to pick wild blackberries.

It's wild plants on public land, so no charge or fees. Parking is at the Renton Community Center in Ceder River Park, then cross a small footbridge to the trailhead.

Carpool is highly recommended. If anyone is definitely going and have space in their car, please post in the discussion or our Telegram chatroom a so that others who wish to go but need a ride can join in the fun.

Bring a basket, bucket, or other Berry Receptacle. Also recommended--hat, sunscreen, and some water.

Join us at Renton Community Center @ 9AM!

All ages

XL Bear Bust: Mask 4 Mask [08/31]

Join XL Bears for our monthly Bear Bust last Saturday every month.

July's theme is going to be Mask 4 Mask!

Come have some Anonymous fun with some other guys 🙂

Pups/ Gear/ Masquerade/ Jomemade/ Superhero- you name it! There's no wrong answer! Come in for some killer drinks, a RUSH of excitement, and some new friends!

Join us at @ CC Attle's 8PM!

All Ages

XL Bears Game Day [09/01]

First Sundays!
Join XL Bears at our favorite Gay owned and operated Coffee Shop for Board games chocolate, coffee and fun! Bring a game to share!

Join us at the Intrigue Chocolate & Coffeehouse @ 6PM!

All Ages, Accessible

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom! (Rifftrax Movie Night) [09/16]

Say you're making a fantasy epic, and you blew the budget on bat puppets, Sheep/Yeti costumes, and pre-video-toaster magic special effects. Now your movie is only about a half an hour! Not to worry, just pad out the runtime with clips from other random fantasy movies! Nobody'll notice, you can record some voiceover lines to make them fit, seamless, right? Join Rob and XL Bears for themed drinks! Educational Shorts! Jokes! General Raucousness! Two-Hours-of-Pay-What-You-Want Fun! at monthly Rifftrax night -- first Monday of each month!

Signature Drink: The Well Set-Up Room

Join us at Copious Love Productions @ 7:30PM!

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Lifelong and XL Bears Toy Drive!

We made our goal and made a lot of kids happy this holiday, thanks to all those who contributed to the toy drive, especially Southgate Roller Rink! We really appreciate your efforts!

We'll be doing this again this year, so please keep a look out!

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