Rifftrax Night: The Devil's Hand [07/23]

Suppose you're a early sixties fellow, played by Robert Alda, who is discontented with your sweater-vest-ed life and wants something more? What do you turn to? Why Devil Worship of course! And by 'Devil Worship' we of course mean 'sitting in a room in the basement of a Custom Doll Shop where there is a statue of Buddha, a statue of a topless woman (very evil,) and a man lethargically playing BONGOS' (We all know Lethargic Bongos are Satans preferred form of musical accompaniment.) Truly, the apex of debauchery! Can Robert Alda escape this den of unthinkable EVIL and Respectable Business Attire?! More importantly, will anything HAPPEN, whether or not he does?

Come join XL Bears on our Discord to find out, as well as enjoy some equally nonsensical educational shorts!

Join us on Discord @ 7PM!


XL Bears Spa Day! [07/25]

Spend some time relaxing at a Korean Spa!

Admission is $35

Join us at Q Sauna & Spa from 12PM - 5PM!


Game Night at Phoenix Comics & Games! [08/08]

Come join us at Phoenix Comics & Games for board games, card games, etc!

Join us at Phoenix Comics & Games from 4PM - 9PM!

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