Upcoming Bar Events

Pool After Party [07/27]

After the pool is the after party! The theme at Lumber Yard Bar is Hanky Code.

Let's make White Center extra gay and super bear!

Join us at Lumber Yard Bar @ 10PM!

XL Bear Bust: It's Still Shaun's Birthday [07/28]

Join XL Bears for our monthly Bear Bust as CC’s for drinks, friends, and probably more ham than likely an unimaginabley specific theme for the night.

If you are also named Shaun (or even a Shawn or a Sean) it can be your birthday too. If you want to bring Shaun a gift for his 40th birthday, he likes pink, weird geographically specific food, baby-birding, being told he looks thin, dicks, and friendship. See you there!

Join us at CC Attle's @ 8PM!

XL Bear Bust: It's Too Hot For This [08/25]

Join XL Bears for our Monthly Bar bust! The theme this time- Too hot for this. Get ready for our monthly dose of fun, Cinnamon shots, shirts off for funzies, more than likely various drunks yelling "It's too hot for this!!!", a naked dude that looks like a Jake Gyllenhaal from the back, a drag queen with a melting face, biting into a hotpocket and scalding the inside of your mouth, literally being on fire, having a fever for more cowbell, Paris Hilton walking past guys making out saying "That's Hot", A WOOL SWEATER, staying hydrated, and Hot Times! Always free, and always XL.

Join us at CC Attle's @ 8PM!

Upcoming Non-Bar Events

XL Bears... In The Woods [07/20-07/22]

It's the annual TRC bears in the woods event. Let's go camping!

We can all get together in a nice corner of the woods.

Camp, dance, drink, s'mores, naked, fun!

Join us at Triangle Recreation Camp!

XL Bears - Deep End [07/27]

The XL Bears and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have rented the awesome outdoor saltwater Colman Pool for a pool party just for the bears, Nuns and their admirers.

So come take a plunge into the deep end with the XL Bears and the Sisters!

Past XLBears pool parties have sold out and will sell-out this year, guaranteed.

$12 tickets (plus processing fees) - payment in advance much appreciated and pretty much required to guarantee you admission into the pool.

Join us at Colman Pool from 7PM - 9PM!

XL Bears Goes Bluebeary Picking! [07/29]

Come join XL Bears on the farm to pick blueberries on Henna Blueberry Farm in Carnation!

Remember to bring buckets to put blueberries in. Carpool is highly recommended as parking is limited.

Join us at Henna Blueberry Farm @ 9AM!

XL Show Night: She Kills Monsters [08/03]

Join XL Bears the first Friday Every Month while we venture out into one of the kickass Theaters Seattle has to offer to Not Just See a show, but have a discussion afterwards over drinks!

Directed by our very own XL BEAR Butch Alice!!!

Join us at Theater Schmeater @ 7:30PM!

XL Game Day: Magic Day [08/05]

Come play games, hang out, drink and eat chocolate! Support local gay-owned business. Fun!

Bring a game to share.

Join us at Intrigue Chocolate & Coffeehouse @ 6PM!

XL BEARS On Ice [08/30-09/04]


XL Bears has had a long history participating in Bears on Ice, one of our favorite international events, and we are going to bring our Seattle spirit to the event this year!

Join us in Reykjavík, Iceland!


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Lifelong and XL Bears Toy Drive!

We made our goal and made a lot of kids happy this holiday, thanks to all those who contributed to the toy drive, especially Southgate Roller Rink! We really appreciate your efforts!

We'll be doing this again this year, so please keep a look out!

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